Sunday, November 23, 2008

So are the days of Keifer's life

Our girl has been SO busy these days, playing with her toys, jumping around in her ball pool, rocking her baby dolls in her rocking chairs (singing "rock a bye baby" in her own way), and insisting on feeding the dogs their food, piece by piece, one by one. She goes around calling them at the top of her lungs, as if they aren't just right next to her: "Sa-her, Sa-her! Tweble, Tweble!". She gets very upset with daddy or mommy if we take the food bowls away and tell her the doggies want to eat their food on their own time.

She loves to play with her tent, and screams with joy when Daddy joins her in the tent. Of course, she is allowed to come and go in and out of the tent, but not daddy. He is supposed to sit there.

This AM, after dumping her food on the floor and having both parents strictly tell her "no", she said "sorry". Um, where did she get this? I know she has learned to say "sorry" after her biting episodes at Elaine's. WOW. Good memory. She also tells us "welcome" after we say "thank you" to her. Fun girl.

I also overheard her this AM in her crib, after not taking her AM nap. She was clearly singing 'Are you Sleeping", as well as the "ABC" song. I could her her singing the tunes of each song, and the "now I know my ABC's" part of the "ABC" song. It doesn't surprise me. She insists that we listen to Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" when we get into mommy's car. Sometimes mommy goes along with it, but sometimes mommy can't take any more "bop bop bop bop's". I think that's the reason K loves the song: the "bops". That's also how she tells me she wants to hear the song: "mommy, bop bop! Pease? Mommy, bop bop!" How do I say no to a girl who knows her musical tastes and says "please?".

Her latest hoarding adventures include her coloring. We've been working hard on not eating the crayons (although Treble has taken care of a few crayons for us lately). We've had a few step backs with the biting and eating of the crayon, but so far, she has loved it. We keep her "markers" (crayons, my dear) in a fruit jar with a lid, and she loves to dump them out, put them in, lather and repeat. I encourage her to "rub rub' the crayon across the paper, and she's getting the hang of it. She switches hands like nobodies business but that's OK. As long as she keeps the scribbles to the paper, it's all good. This latest adventure has kept our girl entertained for hours this past weekend. She also enjoys showing us the crayons, and in her own way, requesting the color names. She especially seems to enjoy the color "purple!" - as she sat and screamed the word last night for about 30 minutes straight.
Ahh, Keifer, we love you so much!

Coloring in her Elmo color book while mama cooks this AM
See? Red!
Putting the crayons back in her jar (and notice the puppy backback she INSISTED on wearing all night last night?)Hanging out in the window: all 3 "kids"
Getting ready to go shopping with mommy
Future model in the making: once again, she sat on the steps and said "cheese" - telling us to take her picture! *sigh*
Our big girl also insists on using the Nebulizer every night on her own: no help for this big 19 month old!


thoughts and ramblings said...

hee hee.Love the pics. She is so cute!!!

Piccinigirl said...

I can't get over how big she is getting and how "little" she still is too. It's amazing isn't it, watching them grow and change and learn "stuff" K, you're just one amazement after another.
(and can you come teach Gio that the neb treatments aren't SO Bad???? Please??? I'll even let you listen to the Bop song..LOL)

Hugs all around

Wendy and Karen said...

An awesome update!

And I love the pictures.

I know what you mean about not wanting to hear THAT SONG one more time. For Kylie, it's Justin Roberts "In the Car" song. Kylie screams CAR! at every prompt. And will keep asking for it until she hears it. Yikes.

(I did have to go hear the Buddy Holly song on Itunes. See how influential you are!)


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