Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keifer goes to a movie

Last Sunday, Papa & Nana brought all their grandchildren to see Madagascar 2. Keifer has never been to a movie, and really, the only thing she pays attention to on TV is her beloved Elmo, so we weren't sure how it would go. Well, our girl was a bit shell-shocked for the first 10 minutes or so, but after getting adjusted to sitting near her cousins Abby & Mason, and continually providing her with the popcorn bucket, she did pretty well for a 19 month old!
K lasted a whole 45 or so before she started wanting to walk around, up and down the steps, and then Nana took her to the lobby for about 10 minutes. Attempts to bring her back into the theater didn't go so well, so mommy packed her up, and Mason decided HE wanted to go home, as well. I don't really think Keifer watched the movie, per say, but it was an exciting new adventure for her. And because mommy is such a movie buff, it was an exhilarating day for me! :)

Not sure what to think in her seat (that didn't allow her to sit, for the flipping of the bottom kept her all twisted up, so she sat on mommy' s lap after this) I'm not sure why, but this picture continues to want to upload sideways for me, although it's not sideways in the file.'s a closer shot of our girl with Abby beaming on the side

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Piccinigirl said...

Mr Kir and I went to see Madagascar 2 BY OURSELVES last Wed when we played Hookey!!! WE LOVED IT. :) I laughed and laughed and laughed, it was something I really needed.

but as your daughter, K really did need to be introduced to the cineplex..right???? I mean we can't take them all to Sundance unless they get used to the popcorn, chairs and "magic"

so glad you all had a good day.


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