Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rock concerts for toddlers?

CJ and I did it: we splurged and purchased tickets to Elmo's Green Thumb, which will be here in January.
Both of us are as squirrely as a teen aged girl going to her first concert. We are really hoping Keifer enjoys it, as we are 6th row, front and center.

Oye, 2 years ago I was at Justin in January (with K in my belly) and now I'll be at Elmo, with another babe in my belly. My, how times have changed!

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Jonathan and Tara said...

I bet she will love it! I went to Sesame Street Live with a little girl I used to watch, I think she was actually just a few months younger than K will be. We had like third row seats and she loved it. I think sitting that close makes all the difference in the world.

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