Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mommy & Daddy have a getaway

Last week, CJ and I had a romantic getaway for a night. My parents came down to watch Keifer for us, and we drove through the beautiful Fall colors about an hour or so southeast to the small city of Red Wing. We bummed around the small town, ate a lot of unneeded food, and hiked up the infamous Barn Bluff. I took it slow, as to keep my heart rate down, but what a beautiful walk it was.

We giggled that whenever I get news that I am PG, or am newly PG, we decide to go for hikes, as that was the case when I was first PG with Keifer and we had a getaway night.

Red Wing was beautiful, and the pictures of Barn Bluff don't to the sights justice. We stayed at the historic St. James hotel, and stayed in one of the older rooms, which was named after a ship. It was a very quaint room, and after bumming around, eating, and taking in a matinee movie (Body of Lies, which didn't impress either CJ or myself), we chose to watch TV and snack on room service for dinner. The real luxury was being able to sleep in the next AM. On our drive home, we took a side road to another apple orchard, where CJ purchased a scrumptious apple pie that we devoured in 2 days afterwards!

The best part about the trip, though, was coming home and hearing our Keifer girl scream at the top of her lungs in her excitement to see us! Ahh, that was the best of the best.

Starting our hike up Barn Bluff
Here I go, lugging my body (and lots of water!)
Beautiful scenery
CJ at the top
A view of the Mississippi River
Steep stairs (no, we didn't climb them)
A view of downtown Red Wing
A picture of part of our room

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