Friday, October 24, 2008

How am I feeling?

I've had SO many people at work stopping to see how I'm doing, and I know many of my family members are wondering, so I'll give you another update.

It's hard to believe, but based on our egg retrieval day (the day the eggs were fertilized), I am around 6 weeks PG. I cannot believe I am this far along in the process already. It's amazing to me.

I'm still spotting, though not as heavily or as often as earlier this week. It continues to be brown (old blood) thank God, and a little pink here and there.

I'm still cramping, but again, not as awful as I was early in the week. I've been doing a whole lot of NOT moving, which is driving me stir crazy, but I feel better about things.

Looking back on older blog posts, from when I was this far along with Keifer, I chuckle because I was SO hungry all the time. I'm not as hungry this time around, and when I eat, I don't really want to eat very much. I'm finding that I am queasy here and there, but not consistently (let's pray that holds off), although sometimes I'm getting the sick feeling after I eat food.

I'm exhausted all the time, so that is reassuring to me. The tireds have hit and I'll tell you , it's so hard to work in the afternoon after lunch when all I want to do is allow my sand-filled eyes to close and just snooze, even sitting up at my desk! LOL.

My sense of smell is still pretty intense, though it has been varying, which somewhat freaked me out earlier this week. It's back, though, and the smell of playdough in my room has me almost developing a headache!
And, based on the judgements of my coworker, my boobs are getting bigger. LOL. Yes, 6 weeks along and my chest is definitely swelling a bit, something I am very happy about, although I have much of the medications I'm on to thank for that as well.

My big Ultrasound is at our clinic on Monday morning at 10:45, so I'm counting the minutes until we actually see a soup baby inside me. I'm still not letting go of my worries. Praying for a strong PG, even if it means I get (again): 1) morning sickness, 2)carpal tunnel in my wrists, 3) Gestational Diabetes, and 4) Shrek like feet and legs.

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MIP said...

Sounds like everything is right on track for you, glad to hear you are continuing to do well. It is crazy to think six weeks has already passed, isn't it?


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