Friday, October 24, 2008

The girl makes me laugh

Keifer is blowing us all away lately with her incredible parroting of everything we say, and also her ability to tell us what she's thinking pretty damn clearly.
In no way do I want to come across as bragging or showing off, but my GAWD, the girl is amazing to me!

The other day at Elaine's, when I was picking her up, she was drinking out of her sippy cup. She paused, looked up at me, and said clearly, "I drinkin' water". I had a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor.

Yesterday, Elaine told me that after Keifer bit Alex (again), she looked at Elaine, and said "Alex is crying". Yes, he was, Keifer my girl. Ahhhhhhh.

This morning, when CJ loaded her into her car seat, and we were getting ready to pull out of the garage, I turned the radio on and Keifer immediately started wiggling back and forth in her seat, to the music. She looked at CJ through the window and said "dance, daddy". She was telling him she is a dancing machine (as if we didn't know that!).

Sunday before church, Keifer was eating breakfast with CJ. I slept in a little later, but got up to say hello, and then went into the bathroom to take a shower. Apparently Keifer looked at CJ and said "mama potty" matter-of-factly. Yes, she knows what the bathroom is used for.

She is very fond of telling us things are "broken", and she loves to carry her bucket for her blocks or a purse around, telling us "bye bye, bye bye!". I guess carrying your purse means you are leaving.

Our girl has also started temper tantrums in FULL FORCE. Ironically, the day I found out I was PG, I had stopped at Target to pick up a few things, including Home Pregnancy tests. I put our cart away, and brought Keifer into the bathroom, as I really needed to use it. She came with me, me holding her hand, but leaving the bathroom didn't go over as well. She tried to pull me back into the bathroom, and when I insisted she hold my hand and leave for the doors, she became a limp noodle, dropped to the ground and proceeded to scream, cry and flail about. I became very red-faced, but kept my calm and even laughed out loud at my girl (despite the fact I was sweating like a man-woman trying to haul her and the 2 bags of my stuff out the door).

Yesterday was not easy leaving Elaine's. Our girl has fallen in love with the kiddie rakes and raking leaves in the large yard. Well, I didn't allow her her outdoor play time, and she refused to cooperate getting into her car seat. She literally did the back arch/limp noodle thing for almost 10 minutes, screaming and sobbing so hard she was pretty much gagging herself. I put ALL my weight into trying to strap her in, to no avail. How can a 30 pound child have that much strength?

We've discovered (by accident, but YAY!), that our girl LOVES to doodle on my magna doodle I brought her from my work. She LOVES it. When she pulls the lever to the side to erase what she's drawn, she is so damn cute, saying "all done? all done?". She is still biting markers and prefers to draw all over herself with markers, so I'm a bit hesitant to stop with the magna doodle at this point in time.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Brag away! Your darling verbal girl is awesome.


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