Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A dish of tidbits

I ordered the book Teeth are Not For Biting today - after K has now had 4 (or is it 5?) separate biting incidents at Elaine's. Poor Alex seems to be the brunt of most of her frustrations. Apparently, today, they were fighting over a toy that they each had (clones) but K wanted his (the woman is never satisfied). She crouched to chomp on his hand and apparently did so with less force than previous times. She knows "no bite" when we talk about it, and believe me, every AM when we get dressed or pull into Elaine's driveway, we repeat our mantra: "no biting, no bite, no bite" (complete with the "no no" head shake), so hopefully that message is getting through loud and clear.

Along the way to buy this book, I noticed Tails are Not For Pulling. Since we have two puppies in our home, and Miss K is learning about pet etiquette, I decided to buy that one, as well. She has just recently attempted to pull Treble's tail 2 x, and has gotten the warning growl. I say, "good for you, Tboy, you tell her NO!". Typically, Keifer stays pretty clear of Treble and vice versa, but lately she's been obsessed with trying to kiss him again, which didn't go over too well the first time she tried (he growled and gave her a harsh bark, scaring us all). Lest you worry that Treble would harm Keifer, no worries. He knows he is not supposed to go near her with any type of force, and we never leave the two of them (or with Sage) alone or unsupervised (we know we cannot ever fully trust ANY animal!)

Since I was online ordering books, I noticed Amazon was having a buy 3 get one free deal with some of their books. So, me being the book connoisseur that I am, I had to pull the plug on that one! :) Because Keifer is so in love with Sheep in a Jeep lately, I decided to try Sheep in a Shop, as well as Sheep Trick or Treat. I'm not sure if she'll enjoy either one of them as much as she enjoys Sheep in a Jeep. She will literally grab the book out of my hands when I'm done reading it to her, turn the pages and "read" them to me. "Uh oh", "baaa", "uh oh". It's so damn sweet to witness: my 18 month old READING to me *my heart, my heart*.

I had Sager in to the vet again last Wednesday. She was in over a month ago for the same condition: we'd get near her, to touch her or pick her up and she's literally scream (have you ever heard a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier SCREAM? It is intense). So I spent my morning last week in the vet's office, while Sass had Xrays, etc.. The vet was very gentle with her and gave her a shot, of some type of steroid. The vet seems to think it has to do wtih some tissue inflamation along her back (like maybe a bad bruise?), but her spine and everything else on the Xray looked to be in fantastic order. He commented on how healthy she appears to be. We've been giving her pills (Prednisone) since then, along with some anti-anxiety med that knocks her out along the way. Poor Sass. I hope she isn't prone to this her whole life. She's only around 4 years old, she is too young for all these problems!

Speaking of steroids, our girl K is still on the steroids and nebulizer for her sickies. CJ took her to the doctor yesterday (one week after her 18 month appointment, and 2 days after her Urgent Care visit). The doc suggested we give her some type of medication on a daily basis to act as a preventative to her breathing issues, which may be pre-asthmatic. I'm not sure what to think. CJ couldn't remember the name of the medication. If it's something like an allergy medication, I think it'll be OK. But if it's anything else, I'm a bit leery about it. However, listening to my girl breathe and hack and cough is miserable and I don't want her to suffer whenever the air turns cold. We'll see how this turns out.

And onto me. I met with a personal trainer last Thursday, as I had Thursday and Friday off of work (MEA week for Educators in Minnesota). Anyhoo, I met with Heather this past summer, and took advantage of my membership's free session of training. I used her tips and ideas faithfully for a few months and although I didn't lose as much poundage as I had hoped, I definitely felt better, knew I looked better, and dammit, the jeans I wore pre-PG with Keifer finally fit! Well, most of them did; some are still a bit too snug in the hips, which I think Keifer ruined with her size when she was inside me.

But, I met with Heather on Thursday AM and got a whole new routine set up that is low impact and works with the lowest possible weights ever, but still gives me a bit of resistance. I'm all about keeping it safe with workouts, and not pushing it, but I also hope to NOT become a slug bug like I did with Keifer. I just can't afford to put all that weight on again, and be expected to rush after my 18 month crazy, wild child! Plus, knowing me, I feel better when I'm doing SOME type of activity that is deemed "exercise" and "good for you". However, due to the fact that I've been spotting and cramping, I've put the work out sessions on hold until I feel better, and we find out that for sure I have a soup baby inside me. I don't want to cause anything to go wrong, at this stage of the game. Last night, I laid on the couch from 5PM until bedtime, and today at work, I lazed around in my chair, doing as minimal as possible. I'm hoping and praying that the spotting is because little soup baby is pushing his/her way deeper into my uterine wall, where it can start to suck the life right outta me! LOL. I'm not sure if it's in my head, but I think I MIGHT be starting to feel a bit more queasy in the morning before work. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing: good that the baby is sticking, bad that mama might have to go thru that agony again. Oh well, I'd rather be sick and happy, then not sick and not PG. *praying*


Piccinigirl said...

I'm praying too...lots of girls spot and go on to have perfect pregnancies and babies..however, I know you are worried,so I am praying that soup baby is just snuggling in. :)

Kisses to K, poor little sick girl...hope you feel better very very very soon.

Wendy and Karen said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. I have them on my list to get for Kylie.

Hopefully the little one will feel better and stop coughing soon. And good for you for creating a work out routine. And for knowing when to put it on hold.


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