Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alas, the poodle is not so popular.

We tried on K's pink poodle Halloween costume last week, in hopes of getting her used to it for her 18 month/Halloween portraits coming up. She loves to talk about the "puppy" and look at the puppy,but forget about wearing the puppy. Oh no. So we're not sure if we'll be putting her in this again this weekend. What do you think? Any suggestions? What about the following?

Should she be a Princess?
Or a Vikings Cheerleader? (her daddy's fave team?) And, if so, which one, left or right?


And, in my news, I'm continuing to spot, but not so much as yesterday. It's still brown, thank God. The cramps are not as severe, but I'm laying pretty low. Last night, CJ was super daddy/super DH and let me lie on the couch from 5PM until bedtime. I'm sitting a LOT here at work, which is difficult when you work with 3-5 year olds! Just hoping and praying all is well at our Ultrasound next Monday, the 27th!


Wendy and Karen said...

Holy Moly! We bought Kylie the exact same poodle outfit for Halloween.

kristine said...

Oh no! Well, I vote for the cheerleader costume - the one on the left.
Glad to hear you're doing a little better with the cramping and spotting.

FinnLand said...

Hah! I know it's not nice to laugh at K's distress, but she looks so funny as an unhappy poodle! I also vote for the cheerleader outfit on the left.

Ahuva Batya said...

That poodle! It's so funny! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything continues well for Soup Baby #2. I'm so happy for you!!

Janice Lois said...
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