Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ultrasound update: things are on their way

I was on the road at 6:30 AM this AM, driving up to our clinic, cracking open a Coke Classic, something I hate doing, but needed to (as we were up late watching Dexter: Season 2). My lining is at about a 7.2 or so, and Courtney told me that things are looking good, they are "on their way" to being what we want. I asked if things were "layering up nicely", like I was told back in July 2006 for my first IVF, and she said "yes".

I received my instruction sheet on our dates and instructions on how to proceed with the anonymous donor and it's all becoming really REAL at this point! AHH! One week from today is the estimated Egg Retrieval (ER). It doesn't seem real!

On my way to work, I stopped and treated myself(well, CJ treated me, HA, thanks love bug) to my Chai Tea Latte, Soy milk, and then popped into Elaine's to say hello and good morning to my angel girl. She was sleeping when I left this AM, and my heart was already hurting at the thought of not seeing her all day without saying good morning. She was eating her banana and toasted bagel and smiled at me, but was more interested in the kids around her. Man,I love that girl. Let's hope and pray that we are successful in making another soup baby for her to love on.


Pegs said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so anxious and excited for you!! I want the best results for you and your family!!

Love, Pegs

Piccinigirl said...

Yippee, that's great news. Layering up nicely is exactly what we need!!!!

sending lots of love!!!

kristine said...

i am smiling so big for you right now!!!

Jamie said...

I am so glad everything is looking good!! Fingers crossed for you!

Michele (Moosh) said...

YEAH!!! I cannot wait to hear the great news in less than a MONTH!!!!!!!!


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