Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you for the love and support and prayers! I can feel the "calmness" washing over me.
Here's my regimen for this morning:

8AM: Empty bladder, start drinking 4-6 large glasses of water
Get progesterone shot in the butt from CJ, because now they start 2x a day.
8:30 AM: Take 3 Advil
9:30AM: Take Valium
9:45AM: Be at Clinic
10:30AM: Embryo transfer.

Then it's drive home with my music of peace and sound healing in my ears, stopping at Arby's for a big roast beef (because that's what we did with our first transfer!!!), and then home to flat on my back. Tomorrow is also bed rest, but I get to be more reclined, so I'll be online tomorrow!


Sue said...

Good luck!

Jamie said...

Good luck!

I find it highly amusing that you're having Arby's. We did that after every transfer too. :) I always indulged in a milkshake too. I figured, "Hey, I'm pregnant, why not?!" :)

kristine said...

Oh, Carrie. I got tears just reading this... I agree with Jamie's comment. You're pregnant, why not?!
Good luck - I've been thinking about you all morning and will continue to do so all day, I'm sure.

Jennifer Prince said...

Prayers are coming your way!!


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