Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shoes on sale!

My friend Wieb just HAD to alert me that See Kai Run shoes are on sale dirt cheap on Amazon right now. Oye. I just HAD to purchase this green pair for K , but I bought it in a size 9, in hopes of her wearing them next year. She has enough shoes right now and her foot is growing SO damn fast, I just hope she can get some wear out of the two pair of size 6 she currently has! If you like shoes, they have some darn cute ones! And the leather is soooooo supple and soft....and the sole is approved for tiny feet of new walkers.


Emilie said...

That's so funny that you posted this - I just bought a pair on Amazon THIS MORNING (before I saw your post)! Half price, baby - you can't beat that!

Ha ha - good minds think alike. :)

Michele A said...

I can't remember my blogger login! LOL So now I'm Michele A, I guess!

I bought Alex the green shoes last night! Then saw Emilie bought the same ones, then saw you bought these (which I wanted for Maddie but wasn't sure on sizing...)

How funny! I see Kai run everyday (since that's our kitty's name), but now I get to See Kai Run on my boy's feet, too! :-)

Jennifer Prince said...

I grabbed these too!! And some pedipeds for 40% off. Whoohoo for good deals!!!


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