Friday, August 15, 2008

These shoes are made for walking!

Nana & Mama ordered K some new shoes, since she has practically put a hole in her shoes she has now (from using her big toe for balance). At the suggestion of a friend, I checked out See Kai Run shoes and fell in love. So soft, the leather, and more flexible soles than the Stride Rite ones we bought her last month (I call them her clown shoes, *snicker*). We ordered K's shoes for Fall and she was over-the-moon with excitement when I opened our box the other day and she saw the new shoes.
Here she is trying them on. * and I cannot believe our big our girl's feet are! Size 6!*
First, we strap them on!
She is so proud and excited!
modeling them
Holding onto her new"eliza" while wearing one, as well as a new "livi"
Our girl is so cute: when we get ready to go somewhere now, she'll sit on our bottom step (of the landing) and helps me put her shoes on to go!


DMB ( said...

Supercute!! :)


Piccinigirl said...

oh Keifer, they are soooo cute, they look amazing on you!!!
(and I should know since Auntie Kir Loves her Shoes!!!)



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