Friday, July 25, 2008

Spoonfuls of Soup

*K is currently upstairs in her crib supposedly going down for her afternoon nap. Today, before her AM nap, she could be heard (as she can be now) chatting to herself non-stop. NON-STOP. Saying "hi" to who -know-what (pics on the wall? books on the floor? toys on the shelf?). Dancing, too. I popped in this AM to see what she was doing and she was dancing in her crib to the mobile (on the side's) music. Yes, dancing. Standing up, holding on to the side, dancing back and forth. When she saw me, she lit up, delighted that I'd join her party. Ahhh, K, I love you: but SLEEP!

* Yesterday was hell on earth for K and I. She had a 102 fever most of the day. It was awful. I kept her home from daycare (thankfully) because she was warm, but she only got worse all day. She literally clung to me all day, and slept most of the AM and early afternoon on my chest. It was the sweetest sensation; I actually envisioned carrying her inside me when holding her to my front all AM. She was sweaty and snotty and crying off-and-on. Her darn molars are coming in, and with the summer cold she's caught, she was a mess. Luckily, her fever appeared to break after her afternoon nap, as she woke up from that completely soaked (as if she'd taken a bath) from head to toe. Poor girl. She is in much better spirits today, in fact, so much better she's literally dancing in bed.

* CJ and I re-watched Batman Begins last night, as we are both super stoked about going to see The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen at our zoo (hopefully next week some time). I'm so glad we re-watched this, as I had forgotten much of the storyline, and forgot how it ended: with a tie-in to the Dark Knight. Christian Bale really is an amazing actor, and watching it, I kept wondering: does he have fake front teeth? LOL. Seriously, does anyone know? I'm excited to see how Maggie Gyllenhaal does as "Rachel", who was initially played by a lackluster Katie (excuse me, Kate) Holmes in the first installment. I'd much prefer Maggie over Kate any day in any movie.

*Speaking of movies, always a favorite subject for me, while I was home last weekend for Papa's funeral, I caught The Sixth Sense on cable one night. I hadn't seen this movie in years, and am happy to report, it didn't freak me out as much as it did when it first was out. I loved that movie, and the way it was done. When you know the SECRET, after seeing it, it's always fun to re-watch and see what you missed out on the first time.
I also caught Sliding Doors, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. Gwyneth has never been one of my favorite actresses, but I remember watching this and admiring her in this movie, as well as admiring her hair so much in the "single Helen" storyline that I cut my hair similar to hers. I also didn't remember her being so damn SKINNY in this movie. I'm glad she had a few kids and looks so much more "normal" in weight (although whose to say what normal in weight is, anyways?). But I digress. Driving home on Sunday, with CJ and Keifer int he backseat, thinking about the movie had me daydreaming about the "what-ifs" in my own life. What if I hadn't made the choices I did in my life back in, say 1998 or 1997? Would my life be similar to what it is now? Where would I be in all aspects, other than a teacher? I would certainly hope I had children, although I could not imagine having a better life than I do now with my family here, CJ, Keifer and the fur kids. But don't you sometimes wonder about the own sliding doors in your own life?

* Damn, Keifer. It's been an hour since I put you down: will you not nap today at all? Oye.

*I've been lucky enough to have been reading like a fool lately, thanks to the local library and the people ahead of me on the "hold" list that fly through the books I've requested. I've managed to get through the second installment of the Twilight series, reading New Moon in 2 nights, and having a min-crush on the newly-turned werewolf, Jacob. Wiebs, you can have Edward! LOL. I've also read Jennifer Weiner's latest, Certain Girls, the sequel to Good in Bed, and liked it. I've read a variety of others, nothing too special or worth posting about, but I did finally read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (and Jeffery Zaslow), and really found him inspirational. That's why when I saw on the Internet today, that he finally succumb to his cancer, it hit me in the stomach like a fist. Although I obviously didn't know him, I'm sure anyone who has read this book, or knows someone fighting with the awful cancer, knows how sad and painful it is to lose the battle. I hope he is at peace.

*Why oh why does Coke Classic have to have such a sweet, powerful hold on me? It's tasty, ice cold sweetness, that strikes me in the mouth and throat, I cannot be rid of it. I've been trying my damnedest the past few days to stick only to Coke Zero, but it's not the same. *sigh*. Counting calories isn't really all that hard, but it's hard to try to justify to myself how having my Coke (or two!) a day is really worth it in the end (it is, *sigh again*).

*Yes, I am going nutso trying to "wait patiently" for our clinic to call me again, with news that our egg donor has completed her medical information, and we are going to finally move ahead on our cycle. Keeping busy helps, but it's the down times that gets to me. That's why maybe it's a good thing that K is upstairs calling me, "mama, mama, mama" from her crib; maybe a little rocking will finally soothe her into an afternoon of slumber. Off I go to try my hardest with that.........

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Laura said...

Glad to hear Keifer is feeling better... I had to LOL about the dancing in her crib. Too cute!

I'm a huge fan of "Sliding Doors" as well... such a great movie.

I've been keeping you in my prayers as you anxiously await new from your clinic.


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