Friday, June 06, 2008

Storm chasers and singers

CJ was playing storm chaser last night. We've had a series of really bad weather the past few weeks in MN, and we were expected to get a really bad thunderstorm (with tornado warnings) late last night. I woke up to K crying (teething pain, it sucks for all of us) around midnight and CJ was still up. He was tracking the storms and had our gear ready for under the stairs in case anything happened. Keif experienced her first thunderstorm on our drive home from the doctor last night (I had a check up). The rain was coming really hard and fast, and she was whimpering in the back seat. She didn't really know what to think of it. It was the kind of rain that is so loud, it's hard to even talk audibly over it inside the car. We made it home safely, where she was reunited with daddy and told him all about it (babbles).


K has been singing a lot more to us lately; I really think she's going to be a singer and dancer. Whenever she hears ANY type of music (even a commercial or a cell phone ringing) she starts shaking her head and shoulders side to side, and gets a big ol' grin on her face. She also shakes her head and shoulders when she's really excited about something (like a new truck book or eating!). Lately, she'll sing "ee ohhh" to us, in her attempts to sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm". She recognizes the book immediately, and starts singing the chorus to us every morning when I put the book in her crib while I get ready. Last night, she was doing her new nightly routine of dancing in her Laugh and Learn Kitchen (while holding onto the toaster and shaking her bum bum like a wild woman), and out of nowhere, she sang, "Pop, goes....babble babble babble" to the tune of "Pop , Goes the Weasel". CJ and I looked at each other in shock, wondering "did we just hear that correctly", when suddenly, Keif started singing it again, only this time not as intelligibly as the first time Whoa. I asked Elaine this AM if they are singing this song at child care, and turns out, yes, they do, so apparently our girl is picking up on this. Yay!

Another thing she's been doing the past few weeks is imitating her friends at child care. Every day, during circle time, they sing "Willoughby Wallaby Woo" and the child of the day goes around patting each child on the head. Whenever we start to sing this to Keif, she stops in her tracks, smiles and starts patting her own head. Smart little lady, our angel girl.

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Wendy & Karen said...

I love how musical she is! Lucky parents!

Kylie also loves and dances to the songs that accompany the "toaster" on her kitchen but she's not singing any songs yet even though I sing them to her throughout the day.


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