Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ball Mania FUN

Last summer, we found this Ball Mania ball pool at a KB Toy outlet in a 'burb an hour north of us.
We also found it in Portland, visiting Mooshie and company last summer, and purchased it for Maddie & Alex for their Christmas gifts from us.

Maddie loved it and we enjoyed seeing pictures of the kids in the ball pool, surrounding by a million and one stuffed animals.

Last night, CJ pumped it up for our angel girl, and she plowed her way into the ball pool, and we were greeted with cries of delight! She loved it! She loved grabbing the balls (apparently she wants to hold onto all the red ones, for some reason), and she was just a hoot to watch babbling and screeching with joy. I'll get some pictures of her later.........


kristine said...

I would love to se epics of it! I have considered buying one for Graycen but don't know anyone with one to say yay or nay.

Michele (Moosh) said...

So just last week we blew it up for Maddie and put it in our front yard, complete with balls AND animals! She again loved it (as did Alex) and Madeline kept saying "Thank you Carrie and Chris!" over and over and over!!!

True story!! :-)

I'll tell her KLC is using one now, Maddie will be tickled pink!!


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