Monday, June 16, 2008

Six days late, but who is counting? Our girl's 14 month pic

I know who is counting! Nana Di is, that's for sure!! Here they are, with my model being a bit under the weather (as of this AM: snuffly, runny nose, stinky breath, and a slight cough). I think she did well as a poser, considering (I think she may be teething, though). Perhaps the hat helped: this girl LOVES her hats, so mom keeps adding to her hat collection. I've been drilling it into her head that she NEEDS to wear hats in the sun.

Mucho thanks to Kir for the adorable outfit (and I ended up trading the white pants for the orange shorts, as our girl loves to crawl in and out from the deck!). What an adorable outfit and hat! THANK YOU, dear friends (Kir and company!).


Emilie said...

Oh my goodness what an adorable little girl!

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, Keifer you are beautiful...and that outfit looks GORGEOUS on you. The SMILE finishes it. OMG, you are getting so big and so pretty. My eyes are watery just thinking about what a miracle you are.

Gosh, I love ya.


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