Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Photo sharing catch up: The Soupy Clan GTG

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, we drove close to 6 hours up north to visit Nana Marge and Papa Jim. We are guilty of not going North to visit them, not more than maybe once a year. It's so bad of us. K had quite a hard time on the way up there, and we now know 4 hours is her limit in the car as far as driving long distances, LOL.

CJ's brother, SIL, and Abby and Mason were up there, as well as Marge's brother Carl and his wife, Wanda. We had a blast, and the 4 of us "kids" (CJ, Corey, Jill and I) even got to go out on a double date Saturday night while Papa & Nana watched the grandkids. It was so much fun!

K discovers sunglasses are pretty cool to play with

dealing with the paparazzi, as usual (aka one of her Papas) taking a family walk on Saturday and enjoying the weather
Abbers loved all the time with her cousin
yo, yo, yo, what is up, homies?
Nana gets in on the action
K was researching some new words in the dictionary (she seriously sat and studied this for almost an hour! Oh boy!)
K loves her auntie Wanda

It was Uncle Carl's bday! Abby had fun dressing him up
But, K couldn't quite figure him out
Watch out: when there are newspapers out, K goes hog wild: here,she teaches Abby the fun of shaking paper
Papa Jimbo

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