Monday, June 09, 2008

Blowing in like the wind

Whew. It's been a whirlwind since last week; I'm officially done with work for the summer, and we had Papa Jim & Nana Marge here with us all weekend. It was Abby's birthday last week, and we had a family party for her at the Corey & Jill's house. I'll have pictures of that later, but we all had a great time, and Keifer doesn't lack for attention when her family is around. Abby is infatuated with her, and in turn, Keif is infatuated with Mason, who really is all about his own things. It's pretty cute.

Yesterday, we hung out all day with Nana & Papa and did lunch at Applebees, as well as some shopping. Keifer played social hostess to anyone and everyone who walked by on their way to the bathroom, as well as with all the wait staff. Everyone got a kick out of our friendly little gal. Last night, we all went out for dinner (can you just imagine my waistline, on top of the fact that Nana brought her infamous brownies with homemade frosting? Oye.). Keifer got her 'flirt on'' with the Latino waiter who served us last weekend; he remembered her and remembered she loved pink balloons. He is her favorite.

Last night, after bathing wild woman Keifer, Nana and I settled in and watched 27 Dresses. I was a bit disappointed in it, but we both fell in love with James Marsden (although I loved him in Enchanted, and Hairspray). Then, the night from hell began. Keif was up no fewer than 5-6 times, screaming in pain from her teeth coming in. Of course, whenever she saw us come into her room, the screaming intensified to decibels that no doubt will contribute to my future hearing loss. I'm really surprised that Papa & Nana, way down in the basement, didn't hear her as much as I thought they would.

This AM, I felt like I had when she was a newborn: hung-over with lack of sleep, headache(y), and not very chipper. Papa & Nana said their goodbyes as they left for home, CJ returned to work, and Keif and I began our summer together.

We hit our first ever library "Baby Story Time", where my girl demonstrated to me her lack of interest in structured group story times and songs, since she is clearly a social being. She proceeded to zoom in on the only baby in the group, where she waved in his face and said "hi" repeatedly, as his Grandmother beamed. Then, she attempted to interact with a variety of other kids, all ages and sizes, but sadly, nobody reciprocated Keif's initiation at an interaction. But my girl was not sad; she just started climbing all over any stroller she saw, as well as pushing around a wagon, and got pissy with me whenever I attempted to redirect her towards the toys.

We left for lunch at home, and she let me down when she didn't nap for more than a mere hour. She needed a nap, and has been a cranky bear of a girl all day, as well as super clingy. She is saying "no no no" to almost everything I say to her, and all I can do is ignore it and repeat, "no, thank you", each and everytime she says it. Oye, welcome to toddler hood, eh? *sigh*. Oh well. She did enjoy crawling in and out of the sliding door to the deck, and screamed in joy when she was able to pull herself up on the railings of the deck. Again, nobody seemed too interested in this toddler on the deck, calling out "hi" to them.

Mama is exhausted, and now CJ is putting our wild woman to bed, because he agreed I looked like something the cat drug in.


Jonathon said...

Oh my gosh, toddlers make the newborn stage look easy sometimes, don't they? Bailey has been nuts today emptying every cabinet and drawer she can find. Then when I tried to do something that didn't involve her, she bit my toe!

-Tara @

Marketing Mama said...

Wow, hope you get a good night sleep tonight. have I told you the teething remedies that worked for us??? I hate to repeat myself 50 times, so if you want to chat about it, e-mail me at hattrickmissy at msn dot com

MIP said...

I feel your teething pain


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