Thursday, May 29, 2008

Uh oh: terrible 14 month olds?

Keifer has had her lingering raspy cough, sniffy nose, and annoying teeth coming in - all at once. She is a cranky girl lately. However, I think we're seeing new development in her independent skills, as she has started protesting LOUDLY and with a very dramatic flair when she is forced (yes, we force her to do things already!), to do things she apparently doesn't want to do. For example, tonight she was held down and strapped into her high chair against her will. It was horrible; we were so mean to her. Until, of course, the food was presented. Then she happily jabbered and ate until suddenly: no more food!

Giving her a bath has turned into an Olympic sport, and tonight, she got so angry at me for washing her crusty, booger(y) nose, that she screeched in an angry new tone I've never heard before and tried her hardest to grab my finger to BITE DOWN ON! Yes, our darling angel girl tried to bite her beloved Mama on purpose, in anger.


I still held her, smelled her clean head, and cherished my minutes with her as she sucked down her nightly bottle before bed. She is just still learning, and I forgive all her anger and protests. Granted, she is big enough to be put down in her crib, her bottle in her small hands, her lovie against her cheek, and able to fall asleep on her own. But I will miss these nights far sooner than later. This won't last long, and I have to remember, not everyone is as blessed to even have the ability to post about these moments.


kristine said...

Oh, the fun times! We have hit 21 months (next week) and Graycen hasn't stopped those moments! Like you said, they are learning. They're testing the water and their boundaries. All you can do it be a good parent and handle it in the correct manner.

Jonathon said...

We're kind of dealing with the same thing with Bailey all of a sudden. She. wants. to. do. exactly. what. she. wants. Oh my goodness she can be so trying at times. But just when I think I might hang her by her toes, she climbs in my lap and says, "Mama" and kisses me on the nose :)

Tara @

Piccinigirl said...

Oh my!!! I think it's good that she's showing her independence. I don't like that you tried to bite Mommy Keifer, Not GOOD!
Yet, we love our babies, and they will grow and learn and we'll be right there letting go and hanging on too.
*hug to you Soupy Girl*

MIP said...

I know it's not funny, but I couldn't help but laugh when I read about the biting... our mister does this too! He has become VERY independent as of later as well. Glad to know we aren't alone.


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