Monday, May 19, 2008

This is why I use a cart cover ...

...when I go shopping our on our high chair when we go out to eat:


kristine said...


Marketing Mama said...

I'm not going to click on the link. NOPE - not gonna do it.

We use a cart cover too... for all the reasons you do - from the same web site, too!

Jamie said...

Very gross!

I love your cart cover! What kind is it? Where did you find it? It's time to invest in one for Bo.

Soupy said...

Actually, that is not mine
I had a wonderful friend who used to make them make OURS for us, but she has "retired" from that job.
however, if you just go to google and type in "Cart Cover" there are a variety of covers and sites to choose from!
I love it and people usually comment or look at it!
at first, CJ used to mock me for it, now he loves it! LOL
plus, when we go out to eat, it catches a TON of K's food that typically would've ended up on the floor!

LutherLiz said...


Although I impressed myself with already being paranoid about most of the things on the list!


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