Monday, May 19, 2008

Sitting is for babies

We have a monster on our hands. A monster that refuses to SIT in the bathtub when not being bathed. Uh Oh. LOL.
Our angel girl's latest accomplishments include standing in the tub, and reaching over the Tub Kneeler to get the bottles of shampoo or soap out. Forget toys in the tub; why play with them when you can bite on bottles?

Someone is becoming a bit precocious

Big blue eyes
You like my hair?
Thanks for looking!


kristine said...

We know that one all too well. It scares the crap out of me when Graycen constantly stands in the tub.
I *LOVE* the second picture. Nice action shot! Ha looks like ater should be flinging out of her hair all over the place (and in slow motion)

kristine said...

What a coincidence. I had to come back just to post this link. I just saw this and was wondering if you've though of this:

DMB said...

I love the tousled hair pics!! :) Too cute.

And yes, we also have one that likes to stand in the tub (no surprise since I swear our girls are personality twins!)...and now likes to try to climb out by herself. Ah, the adventures of toddlers!! LOL


Jonathon said...

She's SO cute! Bailey went through the standing-in-the-tub phase and we finally (after lots of holding her down the whole time baths) convinced her to not stand.

Marketing Mama said...

Adorable. I wonder what she'll be like as a teenager. :)

Piccinigirl said...

love all the pictures, I love how independent she is cute. :)


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