Wednesday, May 21, 2008

She's all done with this green stuff

As you will see, our angel girl is NOT a fan of grass. She refuses to move in it, and hasn't budged on attempting to crawl in it. It's quite funny, actually. Here's the clip and you get to see her become her little "hambone" self that she has so recently started doing. Enjoy.

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MIP said...

Lol, I cracked up watching this. Our MR is exactly the same way about grass, he even does some of the same gestures as Keifer :)

wiebke said...

LOL! all done! S was exactly the same way at this age! She'd CRY if you even put her anywhere near a flower, LOL!

Jennifer Prince said...

LOL! I love her lil smirk when she clasps her hands together. So cute!


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