Friday, May 23, 2008

Friends forever? Bday party recap part 1

Last Saturday, my friend Beth's daughter Reya, turned one. It was also my birthday, so I thanked Beth for having such a wonderful Bday bash- catered Mexican food ( my fave!), Corona (yum), and delicious cake! Beth, Lori and I (pictured first here) have been friends since college, and actually, I knew Lori in high school, when we did a report in AP English on Lord of the Flies. *our other friend Jen is missing, her daughter Sloan is pictured below*

The party was a blast and I've never seen Keifer have SO much fun before! She is in love with other kids,and it was absolutely delightful to see. She loves babies and for some reason, she is really especially drawn to Reya: the two girls chatter like birds to each other the minute they see each other! LOL.

Me, K, Beth w/Reya, Lori with Isla Turtle sock girls
Reya & Keif meet last June, 2007
And the pals are reunited last Saturday Keif, Sloan & Reya last June
They look so little!
and our lovely girls today, with the addition of gorgeous Isla having fun
K had so much fun, she passed out immediately in the car on the way home


Wendy & Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I love the car seat photo.

Marketing Mama said...

Look at all the cute babies. Amazing how quickly they grow. Love the last picture. :)

Michele (Moosh) said...

Awwww! That tuckered out photo is so cute!!!

Love all the pics and the babes.

Hey, I remember that shirt you're wearing! Wasn't that an Oregon purchase? :-)


Piccinigirl said...

Those pictures are great, so fun to see little babies, grow into little people. What fun friends.

I feel like K does in that last picture all the time, can I borrow the blankie :)


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