Monday, May 05, 2008

Discovering a whole new world of toys

Last night, K took out my bowls and decided it would be fun to crawl across them
tonight, she thought the sifter might be a new "hat", as we are working on keeping her "ha" (no "t" sound) on her head when we go for walks in the stroller
nope, this is better for peek-a-boo
hmm, let me investigate into this cupboard further, mama dear
ahh, this sieve make a good "ha"
dontcha think?


Piccinigirl said...

Omg, are you the CUTEST little girl?
Love the Ha"t" :)

Marketing Mama said...

Adorable! This is such a fun age - when bowls in the cupboard are better toys than the plastic made in china. ;)

Wendy & Karen said...

Kylie learned how to open the cabinets in the kitchen this week. Lots of dishes and tuperware on the floor! I quickly went out and bought more baby locks. I made her a cabinet for stuff she could pull out. But she hasn't yet figured out about putting bowls on her head.

I love your baby girl's smile! She makes me smile when I see her.


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