Thursday, May 08, 2008

The heart will go on......

Forgive my absence this week, but it has been a very sad and emotional week for an online friend of mine. A woman on my mommy message board (the very same board that I met my egg angel, Mooshie, on), she lost her 2 year old son this week to his disability. It has been a very emotional time for all of us supporting her, so I cannot even imagine how awfully sad and grief stricken poor Tonia and her DH are. Please keep little Isaac in your thoughts and prayers, as he is now able to dance with the angels, and watch over his two sisters, who love him ever-so-much.

I hope Tonia doesn't mind, but I think her young daughter Sophia's processing of Isaac's death is just so appropriate and heartwarming. Among many other sweet musings about her brother who is with the angels, she made streamers the other night and invitations for her "love" party she was going to throw for Isaac yesterday. She asked her mommy if they could still celebrate Isaac's birthday, and she is hoping that he is coloring right now in heaven.

Also, please say a prayer for V. over at Anguished Corn. She had an ultrasound the other day and found out that Baby B does not have a heartbeat. As you can imagine, it has been very hard to grieve that loss, but praise God that Baby A is strong and the heart is beating. Hugs to her.

Hug your babies and be thankful for your blessings. It has been an emotional last few months for many people surrounding me on blog land and message boards.


Jennifer Prince said...

I'm with you. I can even bring myself to post A's monthly update. I break down in tears everytime I try. I just think of Tonia and her family's loss. It's devastating.

kristine said...

I just can't imagine. They will be in my thoughts..


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