Sunday, April 13, 2008

Since you've been gone, K has......

~~We left last Friday, the 4th of April. While we were gone, K learned to say "Nana" and "Papa" consistently.

~~She pooped in the tub for them last weekend, a first for her. I can only imagine the shouts and panic. LOL. She apparently tried to play with it (a floater!) but was denied the fun. Ahhh, party poopers! HA HA!

~~One morning, before the grandparents brought her to Elaine's house, Papa was blow drying his hair. Yes, my dad blow dries his hair, but if you know him, you know I obviously DID NOT inherit the THICK hair that sits atop his head. So he takes a few minutes each AM to get the wetness out. K was sitting on Nana's lap, and apparently looked upstairs towards the blow dryer sound, and said "Mama? Mama?". *sniff*

~~K started *finally* pulling herself up on the tables and stairs. She called upstairs (*shown in a dropshots clip*), "Nana, nana" to my mom, as she pulled herself up. We are proud peacocks. Since the pulling up has started, we've also started accumulating bruises on her face. She had a nice one on her chin, but luckily, nobody really saw it yesterday at the party. Poor girl.

~~CJ, K and myself had our family reunion early Thursday AM, around 4:30, when she awoke crying. She stopped when she saw us, and immediately started smiling and bobbing her head up and down in excitement (she does this, it's so funny to watch). I picked her up and was cuddling her as CJ went to get her a bottle. She laid her head on my chest, and repeated, "mama, mama, mama". *sniff sniff sniff*.

~~K loves to "blow kisses" now, and we always say "I love you" when we do it. Now, if she hears us say the word love in any context, she immediately puts her hands to her mouth as if to blow us a kiss. She loves to say "hi" with a wave, and "bye" with a wave all the time, to whoever enters or exits the room.

~~Friday night in the tub, K started pointing with one finger at the pictures in her tub book. She would pick out all the pictures, one at a time, point to them and look at me, as if to say "what is this". She became fixated on the puppy and kitty in the red canoe, and over and over, kept pointing at the kitty, whispering to herself, "kit, kit". Ahhh, my heart was singing. Papa also got a huge kick out of watching her. In the tub, this girl knows no fear. She will lay on her back, as a game, laugh out loud, pick herself up, and then lay herself back down on her back. What a hoot.

~~Since we've been home, K has been seemingly extra snuggly with us, especially mama. Whenever I'm on the floor with her, she will at some point, crawl over to me, and lay her head on my lap to cuddle. When I pick her up, she lays her head into my neck to snuggle. She often picks up one of her three baby dolls, and will kiss them, and snuggle them into the side of her neck, ohhing to them out loud. She has started snuggling on her daddy, too. Today, we all cuddled on the couch down in the basement at one point, and had a snuggle fest. My heart was bursting with joy.

~~K loves the phone and the remotes. She found an old remote near our computer stand, and will crawl around with it, taking breaks to "chat" on her phone. This AM, she heard me on the phone with Nana and Papa, so she crawled over and leaned her head right into my phone, knowing just how to put her ear onto the receiver to listen. She, of course, smiles hugely when she hears them talk to her. And, when Nana said " I love you", K 'blew" her a kiss. *sniff*.

~~Today, K has also demonstrated some early possible sharing. She has a stuffed monkey mini-rattle, and she kept holding it out for me to take from her, over and over again. I'd take it, say "thank you", give it back to her outstretched hand, and then she'd immediately hand it to me again. This repeated over and over for about Five minutes before I suggested giving it to CJ, behind her. She turned, handed it to him, and took it back to give to me. We were rolling with laughter at our girl, who also appeared to try to say "thank you" as we gave it back to her.


Beth said...

I can't believe she's a year - my babe will be in two weeks and so not talking. That's a mother for you, comparing! She looks great, really great.

Piccinigirl said...

what amazing things a year has brought you. She is just wonderful. I am so happy for you, my heart bursts with joy just thinking about you with her in your life. *sniff*


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