Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catching up is hard to do: but here's the One Year Party Pics!

Welcome to K's party! As always, my friend Taryn's work is amazing. *sigh* K's stand in until cake time
Ducks on bubbles
The birthday girl with beloved Nana M. (we didn't get an 'alone' pic of her, believe it or not!)
Whew. Since we've been home this past Wednesday, the end of the week/weekend has been a complete blur.

We had 2 parties (as you saw) for Keif's first birthday on Thursday, and Friday was spent prepping for her duck party on Saturday. We made mucho amounts of snacky-type foods, and we made a scrumptious tasting hot shredded turkey (with cheese!) for sandwiches. A HUGE THANK YOU to my mom, Nana D., for making most of the food, and shredding turkey *up to her elbows!* on Friday. We could NOT have had the food be as much of a success as it was without her!

I didn't take pictures of the blue duck punch (damn), but was so cute. Here's a link to the punch with a picture. It was very tasty (and sugary,oye). We used our duck tub for our cooler *giggle*. It was so much fun to decorate the house. CJ initially thought mama went overboard (men!), but later told me he loved it all. Hmm, I seem to remember the same comments about our wedding, hee hee!

Mama & K had matching duck socks, even!

Yesterday's party was wonderful, with family and friends from both near and far, and our girl had a blast. She loves interacting with kids of all ages, so it was so fun to watch her investigate and interact with all the friends and family who came to visit with her. She didn't seem all that concerned or nervous about being the center of attention, and was the first "ONE" year old that I've ever seen who actually was interested in opening her gifts! LOL. She loved "reading' her cards, and tearing the paper up or out of the gift bags. At one point, she had a toy in her hand and didn't want to let it go for the next gift. She was a much-blessed little gal, receiving more new clothes, tub toys, toys, Aqua-Doodle, books, etc.. She didn't seem to know what to think of the frosting on her smash cake, and if you really watch the video below closely, you can see her pause mid- munch of it, like she isn't sure if she likes it. She was conked out last night and slept a full 12 hours, and had wonderful naps today.

Here's a pic of our girl getting into her gifts. We have so many pics, but this is just a sampling. There are too many to pick from!

Mama also napped today, actually MOST of the day away, as it felt like I had been drugged last night. Neither CJ or I have bathed today, and I still have yet to brush my teeth! Luckily K had her nightly bath.

I've finally uploaded pictures from our relaxing trip to Cancun Riviera Maya (was it just a week ago we were in the tropics?), as well as all the party pics and dropshot videos. The link is on the side ------> for our video clips, so if you're curious, you can catch up over there. You can see how our girl is turning into a total ham, and starting to stand and as always, getting into her music and dancing.

I'm off to get my notes together, and do a "this is what K" can do post. Cancun post to come soon, as well, and tomorrow at 8AM is our girl's ONE year check up.I'll have her one year stats, but I am not looking forward to the shots. *shudder*.


Marketing Mama said...

OMG - how much fun! I especially LOVE that you used the duck tub for a pop cooler. That's the most creative idea ever! :)

Piccinigirl said...

that party looked like so much fun. I love the decorations, you did such a great job!!!!!


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