Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy First Birthday: Parties 1 & 2!

Happy, Happy Birthday, our angel girl! We all love you a million times over! You have brought SO much joy and love and delight to all that you meet, and have touched SO many hearts with your beautiful, radiant smile, and contagious giggles! We love you!

Keifer started the day at Child Care with Elaine and most of her friends. We joined her at snack time, where we learned she was "Child of the Day" for the FIRST TIME! The kids made a circle around her at circle time and did a song and dance for her. Elaine told us that when she put her special "Child of the Day' sticker on her, Keifer immediately crawled to the mirror to check it out! The goofball! Keifer was delighted to see CJ, myself and her Nana Dian. Elaine put a special birthday crown and sticker on her, and all the kids sang to her with a candle in her cookie! Then, Keifer indulged in her very first mini-ice cream cone! She LOVED it! Elaine, bless her kind heart, gave Keifer a new book, and a new pull-along puppy toy!

We went home, where Nana & Papa Marge & Jim joined us, and K took her first step. Then, we met the other family at our local favorite Mexican restaurant for K's first "fiesta". She gobbled all the food we gave her, and the staff all sang to her, clapping and singing loudly, which she enjoyed thoroughly! She even got her first picture in a sombrero! LOL. She was treated to a dish of ice cream and chocolate and whipped cream, which she squeezed and ate with mucho gusto! LOL.

We went home, and Keifer was treated to more presents, which she loved (especially reading the cards!). *sigh*. She went to bed and awoke this AM with giggles and chatter. She must have been dreaming of her party day.
Tomorrow is her first birthday "party", the Ducky party! YAY!

Minutes old
Child of the Day: the big One year old
5:03 PM One year later
I love you, mama
Mama got a little teary eyed!
Family picture at one day old
Family picture at one YEAR old
Birthday crown and sticker
Ice cream! Yay!
Family of love
and K, of course
Sombrero girl
Ohh, more ice cream!
She loved it
So what are these? *sunglasses, K!*
She loves her baby dolls
Thanks for looking and for all the love!


Piccinigirl said...

OMG, Keifer you are soooo beautiful, the belle of the ball.
Happy Happy Birthday, beautiful Girl!!

love and kisses

Wendy & Karen said...


And congratulations.

It's been so wonderful reading you for the past year. I hope to read you for many years to come.

Your daughter is so very beautiful and always looks so happy. Well done parents!!

kristine said...

Very cute!! I couldn't help bu to get teary eyed with the picture of 5:03pm one year later... I remember that feeling... to the minute, it's crazy!

Jamie said...

She is SO cute! I can't believe it's been a year. Wow! So happy for all of you!

Marketing Mama said...

Wow - Happy Birthday Keifer!!! :)

DMB ( said...

Happy birthday, sweet K!!! What a year it's been, and may the coming year have many good things in store for you and your family!!


Kerry said...

What a beautiful birthday girl! Hope you enjoy your ducky party today!


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