Friday, April 11, 2008

First Step on Her First Birthday

Keifer took her VERY first assisted step last night on her birthday. We have been dealing with her NOT wanting to bear weight at ALL on her legs, and working on leg exercises with her. It has been successful in that she rapidly caught on to crawling on all 4 legs immediately, and recently has been attempting to stand on her own. Well, Wednesday, the night we came home, K managed to pull herself up on the legs for a few times for her Nana and Papa (video to come soon of that), and last night, she took one step with help for her Nana Di. Mama was in tears! YAY, Keifer Lynn!! You go, you one year old!


Piccinigirl said...

Oh Auntie Kir is tearing up too.
You GO Keifer!!!


DMB ( said...

What a good job, K!! She'll be tearing around the house in no time!! What fun! :)



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