Monday, March 17, 2008

For the love of our cousins

What a fun weekend we all had! Keifer didn't enjoy swimming in the big pool quite as much as she did the first night, when she had just her clothes on. I think she was just plain old tired out, and the loudness of the pool area seemed to bother her. CJ picked up this new floaty toy for her to float in, but she didn't really want anything to do with it, other than chew on the front piece. At one point, she started to tip forwards in it, as she is just too darn strong and wants to be constantly moving, not relaxing! After swimming with her dada and cousins, she enjoyed some of her dinner with Papa Jim and Nana (not pictured, *sad*), then took a splish splash bath with Abby and Mason! What fun! K ended up going to bed with no problems in our Pack & Play, and slept a full 12 hours. Yay for her!

I'd rather chew on the baby octopus's leg Hanging with my Papa Jimbo
Splish Splash, loving the bath (this was the "safest" pic I could post online - there were MANY more cute ones)
Our grumpy girl, ready for bed. Nice hair, K - we're going for a trim on Tuesday night!
Pulling on Abby's wet hair!
Sunday AM: Mama/Auntie in bed with the kiddos, hanging out and enjoying the morning. Too bad the adults were all exhausted! *And yes, K and Mama have matching PJ's - we'll get a pic of us with them on eventually!*
Cousin Oscar LOVED coming over to K all weekend and kept giving her kisses out of the blue! Here's a smacker - you can't see it, but you can tell..........
Going in for a kiss, not a bite!
Many attempts were made to get the youngest generation together -- and the funny thing is, if you look closely, you can see K's favorite new expression - her pursing/scrunching of her lips. She does this lately all. the.darn.time. It's hilarious, really.
They are pretty darn sweet to see

Overall, much fun was had and many naps were taken on Sunday afternoon! We hope to see our family again soon! We miss them and don't see them nearly enough!

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DMB ( said...

She looks like such a grown-up girl!! :)

We have a bib like the one she has on here, and we LOVE it! So easy to clean, and it does its job. Funny because we also have the same high chair as you guys (and have the same issue with the tray and being annoyed that the edge isn't solid) and I think we also have a set of some of the bowls you have. K and Baby B are living parallel lives, it seems!! :)



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