Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For the love of a baby

Finally- mommy found a few minute to upload pictures for the Keifer fans that flock to our site! *hee hee*. We spent most of mommy's spring break last week up in Duluth, staying at Nana & Papa's house, and being visited by MANY family members that were so excited to see our angel girl. We also made a few visits on our last day, but we didn't even manage to see everybody that we wanted to. That would take a week (so, Alicia, if you are reading this, I'm sorry! Next time!).
I didn't put ALL the pictures of everybody in, that would be ONE longggggggggg post, but I did a few of the highlights. It may look like Keifer was up there for about 2 weeks because of all her wardrobe changes, but in reality, she kept getting food on herself, or spitting Tylenol all over her shirt, or, well, being the baby that she is, so mommy had to keep changing her. Good thing cousin Aubrie had JUST given us a big ol' bin of more clothes to dig through! At the rate K is growing, we will be surpassing Aubrie in clothing sizes by next Fall! Seriously - there are a pair of pants in K's bin now that she will be able to wear this summer that Aubrie was wearing last Fall when she was here visiting. *eyebrows raised*
Without further adieu, our girl and her family of many hugs............

Seriously, this is the welcoming party. This is the first 1/2 hour of arriving in Duluth. Notice K is with Auntie Barb, Nana, Papa, Aubrie, and Treble and Sassy Sager are in there for good measure.

Cousins Brittany & Nathan had so much fun playing with Keifer, and she with them! It's been way too long since we've seen them!

K enjoyed entertaining her Great-Grandma, Great Auntie, and Papa: here they are all watching K's dropshot video clips; K is turn, thought they were hysterical! LOL How big is Keifer? SO BIG! Great Grandma made sure Sager got some good lovin', too! She's our other baby! Aubrie was so excited to have "her baby Keeser" here for a visit! She kept fawning all over her (smooches here!)

Too bad K outgrew these matching PJ's! Getting ready for bed

Nana and her favoritest girls on Earth Oh! A new M&M for Easter!
Keifer has a special, sweet love for Great Auntie Barb (Auntie Auntie) She was mystified by Uncle's goatee!
She loved visiting Great-Papa and he was so happy to see her - it's been since Christmas since we've seen him. He is still very sad about
losing Grandma. *sniff* We all miss her so. It felt very different to visit him and not be able to give her a big hug and kiss, too.
K was beyond excited (and vice versa) when she got back home to her daddy! Here, the two lovebirds reunited and cuddled for over an hour while mommy had the fun job of unpacking the car

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