Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family Fun Time on a Saturday

Keifer's Nana Dian, Bumpa Dale, Auntie Barb and cousin Aubrie came down to visit today. It was a quick trip for them - but Aubrie was over the moon, she was so excited to see cousin Keifer (aka "Keeser").

They made the mistake Thursday night of telling Aubrie they would be coming down, and she had a fit: "I want to see baby Keeser RIGHT NOW".
Her words, after spending almost 4 hours in the car, with all the pit stops they made along the way: "Baby Keeser lives far, far away". LOL.
We had fun loving on each other, and eating at Red Slobster for lunch, with our big girl in her Bumbo chair right on the table. She loved it - she loves looking around and watching people. Aubrie did great today, considering she didn't get her usual afternoon nap. Then, we putzed around the mall, looking for boots for Keifer to keep her tootsies warm (*yeah, her feet are so "wide" - I won't say fat*) that they didn't fit in 6-12 month Sherpa booties at Old Navy, so we're on the hunt for 12-18 month ones, hoping they will fit. We picked out matching skirts for Keif and Aubrie, as they will be having their pictures taken together next month, in matching shirts that I got for them - the "K is for Keifer' and "A is for Aubrie" ones. Then, we headed home, where Aubrie enjoyed playing with Keifer's future Little People, and then we all oohed and ahhed, as Keifer ate some cereal and seemed to enjoy it! We topped the evening off with a bath for Keifer, with us all singing "Splish Splash", and we said our goodbyes, with lots of hugs and kisses. Whew, what a fun day!

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