Monday, February 04, 2008


Saturday, I made my return to the gym, after a 3 month vacation from it (ha ha). I went to a class called "Yoga Pilates Fusion" with my SIL, Jilly, and whoa nelly, am I sore today. The class is described as "Get the best of both worlds: yoga and Pilates fused together with an approach designed for the mainstream fitness participant". Ouch. I'm hurting in places that have never hurt before. I also dragged my sorry butt to the gym yesterday, did a few arm weights, and the elliptical machine for 45 minutes. Now I'm on a mission to get my rockin' bod back to the way it was pre-baby, pre-infertility treatments. Wish me luck.

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DMB ( said...

Three weeks ago I returned to torturing myself, er, working out again. So far so good; I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks. My motivation is there, and it sounds like yours is too!! Keep it up!



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