Sunday, February 24, 2008

High chair woes

Initially, when we registered for, and received our high chair, we thought we were getting this wonderful , awesome, slick looking high chair.
Well, it is slick. The adjustments are easy to make, it folds up super thin for storing, and keeps the tray on the back of the chair for easy storage. The plastic seat cover is a cinch to wipe clean.
However, whoever designed this tray didn't have an eating baby in mind. There is a small crack running all the way around the tray, bringing the top and bottom of the tray together. It is held together by about 11 screws, which makes it nearly impossible to take apart after each feeding session. I mention taking it apart, because that is pretty much what we need to do in order to clean out all the damn crumbs and food from that fricking crack. It's awful. I swear and curse every time I clean this thing. It boggles my mind that something as pricey and high-rated as this would have something so dumb on the major part of the product. Lordy, this is annoying.
We had high hopes of being able to use this chair into the far future, with hopefully future children. I'm anal about cleaning it well after each feeding session. However, with this crack issue, who knows how long it'll last before I toss it out the sliding door into the snow!


LutherLiz said...

Perhaps you could seal the crack with something that is easier to clean, safe for baby and keeps the crumbs out? Not sure what that might be but that's what I'd look into first rather than having to buy a new one. It does sound annoying though!

Marketing Mama said...

I've been trying to think of solutions, too. Like clear nail polish? That would be permanent - or, cover it with a strip of masking tape. Then after dinner, rip it off, clean the tray, then put on a new strip? Beats taking the whole tray apart each time. What a pain!

Wendy & Karen said...

This post is too funny because I had a "high chair" meltdown of a sorts this same day!

We bought an Ikea highchair which has been fabulous and what we've used until now.

Karen's mom had bought us an Eddie Bauer highchair and it's just been sitting in the corner.

So, on my meltdown day, I took the old one and put it in the garage and got the newer one ready.

Karen asked me why there was a highchair sitting in the garage and I told her, "If I have to wipe that (curse word, curse word) thing down one more time, I'm going to throw it out the window and start banging my head against the wall." I'm so sick of cleaning it 4-5 times a day. And I'm just sick of looking at it.

So....long comment to tell you that I feel your highchair pain!


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