Friday, February 08, 2008

Hi! from our Social Butterfly

I'll have pics tonight, I've been lazy (and uber busy at work!) , but wanted to tell you about how social our big girl K is.

CJ changed our computer's desktop background to the slideshow option, and of course, the majority of the pictures in the slide show of Keifer and the puppers. Well, K's favorite thing to do now, as she sits on our lap in front of the computer, or in her high chair during meal time, is to say "hi!", really enthusiastically to herself as she pops up in the variety of pictures. Its hilarious, really. She'll just be sitting there, eating or looking around, and suddenly, "hi" comes out of nowhere, with her big cheese grin. It melts our hearts. She also says "hi" to the babies in her stories, as many of her favorite board books include pictures of babies and toddlers. We'll be reading along, and she's busy greeting each smiling child, as if they can hear her.

K has also been spitting raspberries when she eats, and it's progressively been getting worse at both home, and daycare. As I've mentioned before, we and Elaine have been trying to use the sign "stop" and saying "stop!" in a strict tone, but she just laughs and mocks us with her attempts at repeating us. We've all tried ignoring her, which doesn't do any good, and I've tried putting a napkin against her lips and saying "time to eat", without saying the "n' word *(no)*. Elaine said she's actually turned K's high chair around at lunch time and once K stops spitting, she turns her back around to face the kids, but then she'll start again. AHHHH! Our little comedian thinks she is so funny. I know it must feel good on her lips to spit and spray and feel that oral vibration, but she's making a mess of everything and it's really not polite to have her spitting at mealtimes. I went to my Kickbox Jam class the other night complete with specks of squash in my hair. Nice. Anyone have any tips on how to curb this behavior? *sigh*

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