Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreams...and Oscar ramblings....

I will admit it to you: me, Miss Movie Buff Extraordinaire, didn't watch the Academy Awards last night. Quite honestly, I couldn't have cared less *gasp*. For the first time in, well, I don't even know, I had no desire to watch them and really had no interest in who would win. WOW. Just, wow. Other than Juno, and the intense Michael Clayton, I didn't really see any of the nominated films. I did, however, enjoy the clip of Ryan Seacrest and the adorable (as always!) Jennifer Garner being "attacked" *(snicker)* by Gary Busey on the Red Carpet. It's all I've heard about all AM on the talk radios. Boy, Jen looked gorgeous! I thought she handled the peck on the neck pretty well on national TV!

Dreams. I have crazy, wild dreams most nights. When I was PG, they really got out of control wild. Last night, I had a dream that I had exactly 5 minutes to pack up all my belongings, and K's, including food, to last us indefinitely. I was feeling panicked, and scared, and didn't know what to toss in the bag: clothes, which ones?, snacks, water, pictures. Ugg. It was awful. Where do dreams like this even come from?

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