Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aww, shucks, you like me? You really like me!

Awww, thanks to Tara at Two Lines on a stick. What a pleasant surprise today to open up her post, looking for more adorable pics of her daughter Bailey (who is right about K's age) and I saw this! Thanks, Tara!!!!! You make me blush!

Let's see, so many blogs, but ....I'll pass this along to D. at And Baby B Makes Three, because her little Baby B makes me laugh, and reminds me SO much of my own ham bone daughter. D and I have come along ways from our TTC board, where we both dreamed of having babies, and it ached just to know we were having troubles. But look how happy we are now with our angel girls!

I'll also pass it along to Wendy and Karen of 2 Moms-It Can Be Done, because I covet their precious, gorgeous girl Kylie's clothes, and if ever K and I are visiting Mooshie in Portland, we'll have to see if we can meet up for a play date (and a Starbucks! Yum!).

1 comment:

Wendy & Karen said...

Well that is so awesome! You just made my day!

And we would love to meet up with you at Starbucks or our house whenever.

Thanks again.


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