Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer request for Mooshie (aka Egg Angel #1)

Michele/Mooshie is having major surgery on her knee (again) today - so if you could, please take a second and say a prayer of good wishes for her?

Here is what she explains is going to happen: they're grafting some of my hamstring and creating a new ligament from it. He's going to basically lasso it around my kneecap and tether it to the inside of my leg to stabilize my patella. He's going to repair some additional tears, clean up bone fragments and then fix any other issues he discovered during the initial scope. My leg is going to look like a tic tac toe board! I already have a 6 1/2 inch scar down the front of my knee/shin, 8 arthroscopy holes, and now I'll have a couple more 2 inch (I think he said) incisions--one from the inside edge of my kneecap to my inner thigh, and another lower down from my shin to my inner calf.

I'll be in a hip to ankle immobilizer and on crutches for a month!

As you may remember - Mooshie has 3 year old Maddie, and baby Alex, who is still nursing, so let's all hope things go OK for her.

Huge hugs and prayers to you, Mooshie!

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