Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Smart Cookie

CJ just emailed me at work, to tell me that our smartie pants has started saying "puppy":
Our girl:
is saying pupa.
they were barking when
i was giving her a bottle and i said puppy. she kept going pup, pup, pupa,
she's so smart...
Before, she would just whisper the "pup" sound, but now she's made a breakthrough!
On her daycare note on Friday, Elaine wrote that K was trying to sing the "la la la's" in the song the kids were singing. And she also thought that K "might" be trying to say "thank you" at lunch when she gave her some food. So, Saturday night, at my friend Lori's, I said, "say thank you", and she said "dank doo" in the exact same intonation I said the words in. I swear to you this is true. AMAZING! My mom calls her a genuis! *sigh*

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kristine said...

Very cute! What a little smarty pants!


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