Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More more more: Words!

K is on a roll lately in the chatting department.
Not only did she say "pup" over and over yesterday, but last night and today at lunch (I kept her home with a snotty nose and nasty cough), she attempted to say "stop", complete with the sign. You see, she has a tendency to do that raspberry spit thing towards the end of her mealtimes, and both Elaine and I (and CJ) want her to stop it, so we are saying "Stop" along with the sign for it. Well, our little Princess seems to think it's pretty funny when we say that to her, and so she puts her hands together, attempts to say it "dah!", and gives a big giggle. Yeah, so funny, Princess K *trying not to laugh*.

Today we called Papa and Nana and whenever we put the phone next to her ear to hear whoever is on the other end, she gets the biggest grin on her face and so excited. Well, when I was saying "It's Papa", she said "pa", and then kept whispering "pa pa pa" over and over.

And.....in the AM or after a nap, when she's fussy, and wants some bottle, she'll start signing "more" to me, and has started saying "ba", so I think she's saying "more bottle"!

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