Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My student

I wrote in September about my student whose Father passed away unexpectedly. This student has a very difficult time communicating, and comes across as violent, when really, he doesn't know how to communicate like you and I do. His mom is due any day now with a baby. My coworkers and I service this child 2x a week, one-on-one with him, because he is not OK to be around other kids at this point.
Today, when I picked him up from his mom, and he got into the wagon to be pulled to my room, he said, "My daddy bit me on the face". I stopped, and said to him, "your daddy is in heaven, right?". He said "yes, Daddy is dead". As I pulled the wagon, he sat there, and then a minute later said again, "my daddy is dead". My heart was breaking. He was so matter of fact about it. This has got to be so hard on them. (*

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Emilie said...

That is just heartbreaking. :-(


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