Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Calgon and a six pack are calling my name

And yes, I'll have K pics soon. We have some cute ones on our camera, but I'm too lazy to upload to the computer right now, and I need to blog this quick so I can get some good Treble and Sage cuddles in. They had a long day alone today.

Tonight, after work, I came home alone with K because CJ went to watch the high school hockey team his brother co-coaches. K was doing fine eating her dinner, we were listening to our Josh, she was singing, eating her mac and cheese, and the puppers were doing what they do best: sitting at our feet begging, until they can lick her high chair clean.

I brought her upstairs to change her for bed, and put her on the changing pad. We've been used to using her crib to change her in clothes and her dipes, as it is easier to let her roll around in the crib. However, we moved the mattress down the other night, as she is starting to pull herself into a sitting position, and Lord knows when she might topple over the edge. But, lowering the mattress has put a damper on my back and it's ability to haul our big BAB girl around (*Big Ass Baby*). So the changing pad it is.

I got her squared away, we read our books before bed, she did her "all done" clap that she does now, and I turned out the lights for bottle and rocking before bed. Well, as we started, I could hear Treble downstairs doing that inverted sneeze, wheezing, sound that sounds like a seizure that dogs make. And he kept doing it. I picked up my BAB, rushed down to Tboy, and he was near the top of the stairs to the entry way, feet spread out, nervous as could be. I calmly stroke his neck, willing him to calm down, meanwhile fending off Sage from K and her formula mouth in my arms. Tboy finally stopped his seizure sounds and followed me up to K's room. He then jumped INTO the chair with me (which he usually does NOT do for lack of room for his 29 lb body) and proceeded to wiggle his bony butt around until he got comfy. On top of Keifer's abdomen. She was trying to pull his hair, grab his ears, anything just to touch him and then Sage started doing her "I"m pissed at you, won't you look at ME", bark and pulling my sock off my one foot with her sharp teeth. K threw her hands up because Sassy's barking will make anyone want to tear their hair out with the screech it has, and Tboy managed to make it to the ottoman, but none to happily. He then started doing his sneeze/wheeze/seizure thing again, freaking Sage out enough to stop barking and hide under K's crib. I literally laughed out loud at the sight of what we must look like. He eventually stopped again.

I settled K into my arms, Tboy was quiet, but wait: he wanted to join us on the chair again. So I gave him 1/3 of the chair, I took the right 2/3, and we finished putting K to bed, with Sage peeking out in fright from under the crib.

Now I have to clean the dishes, the high chair, and put myself to bed. No booze in the house, but wouldn't I like a 6-pack of Dos Equis with a lime right about now? But I'll settle for a water, in which I realize I haven't had to drink in about 5 hours. Boy, I'm thirsty.

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