Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making New Friends

So last week, when we met up with Kerry (EA#2), as you know, we also met her family, including her DH, and her lovely 4 children. The triplets just turned one years old last week, so here's a belated birthday wish shout-out to them!

Apparently, CJ made quite the impression on Quinn. While we were there, CJ just jumped in with helping feed and entertain the babies, as well as Quinn, who had a lot of entertaining things to say and show us. After a few hours, Quinn developed a game where he would say, "ready, set, go!",and jump into CJ's arms.

CJ with Ewan

In a correspondence with Kerry last week, she reported to me that Quinn not only made up a song about playing with Keifer and her daddy, but is also inquiring as to when he ("Keifer's daddy") will be visiting them again. Well, I hope the clinic takes note: if the child approves of this match, it must be in the cards! LOL.

I told Kerry after K's 9 month appointment how big she was, and that my girl is just such a crusher, that maybe she could someday be on Quinn's favorite show, "Ninja Warrior". Her response? She said Quinn would say, "you Go, girl" to K. Or, "Go Keifer, bust your way through that obstacle course"!

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