Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year ~ 2008

It's so hard to believe that once again, another year has flown by, and here we sit at the beginning of yet another year descending upon us.
Last year, I was thanking my lucky stars (and prayers) that I was carrying our angel girl inside my belly, so snug and warm inside her mama. She decided to stay an extra week inside me, and finally had to be taken out of me on April 10, 2007, at 5:03 PM. It was a dream come true: meeting my daughter (*daughter! I have a daughter!*) and bringing her home, making my and CJ's family somewhat complete. The fur kids have accepted her and I know they care about her, with their concern and licks of love. She knows nothing but happiness, as everyone and everything that she meets greets her with nothing but happy joy. Why would she be sad or angry? She is a very easy baby, with a wonderful, sunny disposition, and we know how truly lucky we are to have a baby as good as she is.
As CJ and begin the month, we'll be making some initial steps towards another IVF egg donor cycle. Truthfully, I'm frightened out of my mind to be doing it again; my heart is pounding just writing about it, and I'm so scared. Scared to buckle up on the rollercoaster IVF is again, scared of how to handle my emotions as well as raise a baby that we love so much at home, and scared about the "what ifs" in the scheme of things. Plus, I'm worried about the fact that our egg donor won't be the same as our egg angel, Mooshie, and years down the road, will that affect our 2nd (or 3rd? ) child/children, or will they be OK with Keifer knowing HER egg mama, but not knowing theirs? *sigh*. Much to think about, ponder, and pray on, but knowing the support system we have, I know good things can come to us if we just believe. God will show us the path that is meant to be in our lives, and I have to work on remembering that.
It's also crazy to think, but in just 3 1/2 short months, I'll be having Keifer's first birthday! *crazy!*

So.....Happy New 2008 to you all, and may your year be filled with love, laughter, joy and knowing happiness in one way or another. We are blessed to have you in our lives if we know you, and Keifer is as well. Thanks to you all for prayers and good vibes: I believe when people send out goodness, it can be felt, and Keifer, CJ, and I can certainly feel it.

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kristine said...

That really is a lot to reflect on, be nervous/anxious about and excited for! Hopefully this new year can bring you much (more)happiness and lots of peace.


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