Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Future Cheerleaders: Unite!

All together now: Let's go Vikings, let's go *clap clap*

Notice how she's already got the 'clap hand' formation going without us even having to demonstrate the technique? Ahh, yes, that's my girl. Probably heard me hooting and hollering and clapping for my kids at work enough to innately know just how to cheer a team on.

FYI: Daddy bought this for her. That Daddy. A true Vikes fan until the bitter end.


Wendy & Karen said...

Okay, I seriously love the clap-hand formation link!

All former AND future cheerleaders unite!

kristine said...

It's a perfect 10 already!

Michele (Moosh) said...

Not to sound scary, but I just want to snatch her and bring her home with me! LOL!!!! ;-)

She is so perfect. I'm so glad she's yours...what kid wouldn't be happy in your household??


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