Friday, December 21, 2007

We're back

CJ, Keifer, myself and our fur kids got back into town yesterday afternoon after my Grandma's funeral. It was an emotional day on Wednesday, saying good bye to her for good. The service was nice and quite a few family friends showed up to pay their respects. It was very emotional for us, but at the same time, nice to enjoy memories about my special Grandma with my loved ones, and seeing my family that I might not see in the next few months. I even got to visit with my Sixth Grade teacher (he went to church with my grandparents). That was fun.

We got home yesterday, unloaded the car (it's amazing how much I packed for just 2 nights away), and turned around for Keifer's daycare's party. Elaine and her hubby hosted quite the party - complete with the real life Santa Claus! Keif was up past her bedtime, but she seemed to enjoy the party and it was fun for CJ and I to meet the other parents, and watch how much all the kids love Elaine and how many of her former kids were there, too. Keifer did so well last month on Santa's lap, but when Santa called our her name and asked for her to come see him, CJ had to carry her and sit on his lap with Keif on HIS lap. LOL. Keifer was not happy - she ended up getting scared and started crying. She got a really cute (her first!) baby doll from Santa and a Rainbow Fish board book (which she promptly had to 'read' right there on Daddy's lap afterwards. We weren't able to stay for the snacks/food, but a good time was had. Poor Elaine had such a good time she overslept this AM. And because my head is in la-la land these days, I forgot our camera and didn't get any pictures of Keifer with her friends or with the real life Santa Claus. *sigh*

checking out my new baby doll - so gentle until I try to bite her arm off!

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