Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday funny: Kids say the Darndest things

This weekend, I'll be able to upload some pictures of Keifer and her cousin, Aubrie, from our visit the other day (for the funeral). Aubrie didn't come to the funeral, and her mommy didn't let her know Keifer was in town until the last minute because she gets so impatient and excited to go and see "baby Keeser" when she knows she's here. When Aubrie walked in the door on Wednesday evening to my parents house, she immediately RUSHED to Keifer's side, hugged and kissed her and didn't stop laughing or talking for a full 10 minutes. In my life, I've never seen a child more excited to see a baby ever. Ever. It is the most heartwarming thing to watch. And Keifer just loves it. I got some good pictures of the girls in their matching PJ's the other night. My mom (Aubrie's "Auntie Auntie") got Aubrie the same PJ's that Keifer has. Because Keifer has pretty much outgrown them, and Aubrie forgot her own PJ's the other night, my mom gifted them to her early. She loved it.

I also gave Aubrie part of her Christmas present early. This girl LOVES her books, just as much as Keifer does. Aubrie will sit and leaf through all her books and "read" them to herself. I got her some awesome new ones for her collection, and my favorite gift to her was a Snapfish Photo book that I made for her. Because she is always (always!) talking about Baby Keeser and their adventures together every night, I put together all the pictures I had of them together up until October and wrote it in a "book" format, about meeting Baby Keifer at the hospital and up to now. She loved it. She watched as my Aunt read it to her , soaking it in, and then she read it to my mom. I was in heaven watching her love it.

Now on to the Friday Funny: My cousin Becky and my mom shared this with me the other day, and I just had to document this, because it's just too hysterical not to.
A few weeks ago, Becky was blow drying her hair after a shower, and Aubrie was in the bathroom with her. Becky had not gotten dressed yet, and Aubrie was checking out her mommy's body. She was studying Becky's breasts, and she pointed at them, and asked her mom: "Mommy, are those your elbows?". Becky said she was speechless, and just continued on her way. LOL.
My mom was there when Becky was telling me this story, and she told a story I had never heard before about my brother. When Darren was little,he was hanging over the edge of the bathtub while my mom was taking a bath (because my mom says she never had ANY privacy), and he pointed at her breasts, and asked what they were. My mom told him, "those are my breasts", and my brother promptly asked, "how do you put them on?".

The cousins, back in October

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