Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waving "hi" for the first time at home

Tonight, when CJ got home, I was feeding K in her high chair. When he said hi to her, she looked over to him and made a movement with her arm that looked VERY MUCH like a wave. Shocked, we both looked at each other in awe, as if to say: "did she just wave?". So, we said "hi, Keifer" with a big wave, and she responded with a wave of her own! We are proud as peacocks; we don't really wave at her at home, so I'm assuming she picked this up at daycare. Oh my goodness, what a big girl! Wow. LOL.
You can check out her waving to CJ and I on this clip, or you can also click HERE for another video clip, complete with her tired girl, cranky whine, and then some waves. It's darn cute, if we say so ourselves.

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