Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Posing in my clearance clothes

Mama is so proud of her clearance rack purchases! So, we had to model them for my fans. She got the shirt for $3 at Target, and the pants and socks realllllllllllllllly cheap at Gymboree when they had their sale over Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, mommy loves to dress me up in all my cute duds, and is so proud when I smile so happily for her in the mornings. Mommy also gives a big sigh now that I'm eating, because my clothes get covered everyday with the food I enjoy (in fact, today I was so cranky all day, and Elaine said the only time I was happy was when I was eating!). Last night, Sassy Sager actually bit a small hole in daddy's favorite pants of mine because she was trying to eat the food stain. Luckily, my mommy caught her in the act before she went too far. Eating food every day also means my face, hands and hair get really dirty, as I'm super stubborn and don't like it when mommy tries to feed me at home. I prefer to be Miss Independent. We are finding out that Puffs and tiny bits of mandarin oranges are the easiest for me to navigate towards my mouth *tee hee*.

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Wendy & Karen said...

Fabulous outfit! And she has such a beautiful smile.

Thank you for all the book recommendations.


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