Monday, December 10, 2007

Rockin' & Rollin' into our 8th Month!

Happy 8 months today, Keifer Lynn!

Crazy how she is just about 3/4 of a year old already - it seems like it was just her one month old bday, and soon we'll be doing one year! Where the heck is the time GOING? *seriously????*

She is growing like a weed and I can barely lift her out of the tub or her crib! She is one solid girl. I require frequent chiropractic adjustments! HA! She is heavy! My back is paying the price - it'll be nice when she is able to move on her own! Her little tummy is starting to get very Buddha like, and I can honestly feel how "solid" she is becoming, thanks to the real food she loves to eat. Anything is fair game in her eyes - she especially loves to feed herself, and often times miss Independent gets angry if we try to feed her with a spoon. I'm also noticing that she doesn't really seem to like sweets all that much.

She's able to sit pretty well on her own now, but we keep the Boppy behind her for those possible "fall backs" - and she's funny about it. She likes to "lounge" on the Boppy, then. Her rolling skills are amazing, and she loves flipping over on me and trying to get away on her hands in the crib when we're changing her clothes/pants. As you saw in the previous pictures, she likes to be nekkid!

No teeth yet, but the hair gets thicker literally every day! Because it sticks up so crazy, I like to call her my peacock girl. The hat hair (winter time) definitely helps the feathers stick out (ha). We say that her daddy (CJ) has duck hair - so I guess she is taking after him in the texture. He literally just shakes his head dry after a shower. Her eyes are definitely daddy's blue eyes - and her smile is infectious. This girl is HAPPY. We are so lucky and blessed to have such a HAPPY baby - the only time she cries still is for hunger/sleep/ or if she's sick (or pooping! HA!).

When I was picking out her monthly picture outfit, I was so excited that she fits into her Guns N' Roses onsie - if any of you know me well, you know that G&R is my ALL TIME fave band and finding out that a friend of mine was selling this, well, it just about made my year! LOL. I always dedicate "Sweet child o mine" to Keif in the car when we're jamming along on the freeway, so here she is, rocking out for her mama this AM! Enjoy!

1 day old, so tiny
The biggest cheese grin ever
Such a pretty girl
Axl Rose ain't got NOTHING on my own screeching skillz, yo!
I love a baby in jeans and barefeet
Have a great day!
We finished the photo shoot by changing into other clothes, and Sassy Sager had to make sure our girl got her 'good girl' kiss, while Treble monitors the action- LOL


Anonymous said...

I think she gets more gorgeous every month. I want to smooch her.

-two lines on a stick

Laura said...

She is such a happy girl, you're right... that smile is definitely infectious!

Love the shirt and here wild woman peacock hair!


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